caselines specialist


Business Analyst

She is Certified in CaseLines and was involved with the conceptualization of the Digitization of the High Courts through the deployment of CaseLines. She led the team that sort to marry the Rules of Court with the modern world of Digital Filing.

She designed and developed the Digital Filing Processes for the Supreme Court of Appeals, the Gauteng Divisions and the linkages to the Lower Courts. Her work culminated in the promulgation of the Digital Filing Directive in the Gauteng Divisions that underpinned the Court Operations from the beginning of the Covid 19 pandemic to date.

She was responsible for the training of Judges, Acting Judges, Chief Registrars and Court Staff on executing Court Operations using a Digital Filing System (CaseLines) She was the Process and Support Lead for the implementation of CaseLines in the Gauteng Division, and introduction of the same solution to other Divisions including the Supreme Court of Appeal. In her Role as a Snr Project Analyst she was tasked with working with Law Societies in facilitating the compliance to the Directive by Attorneys.

She ran several conferences with Law Societies to acquaint them and their members to the new rules of digital filing in the High Court. Mandy has trained senior personnel and transformed organizations to embrace the digitization of the work place.