Court Online / Caselines for Advocates with COA


Dates: Thursdays from 14h00 – 17h00 commencing 13 January 2022

Who can attend: Advocates. Attorneys

About the Training:

This training course focuses on

  1. Digital Case Preparation and collaboration
  2. Sub Bundling
  3. Digital Court Presentation


Case Online Africa will issue a Certificate of Attendance



Mandy Machia is certified in CaseLines and has been involved with the conceptualization of the Digitization of the High Courts through the deployment of CaseLines. She led the team that sort to marry the Rules of Court with the modern world of Digital Filing. She designed and developed the Digital Filing Processes for the Supreme Court of Appeals, the Gauteng Divisions, and the linkages to the Lower Courts. Her work culminated in the promulgation of the Digital Filing Directive in the Gauteng Divisions that underpinned the Court Operations from the beginning of the Covid 19 pandemic to date.

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Tuesday 10h00 – 12h00